Things You Wished You Knew before Visiting IVF Clinics Sydney

Are you planning to visit one of the IVF clinics Sydney has? It is important to know that your age has an impact on the success rate of going into IVF. Recent studies also showed that going through multiple rounds of IVF have significantly higher chances of having a baby. This shows that the first round doesn’t always yield positive results. Not to discourage you or anything, but it is recommended that you get into IVF with your eyes wide open to the facts.

Some women are luckier than most. For this reason, you need to have the right expectations when you visit Sydney IVF clinics.

What You Must Know Before Going to an IVF Clinic

Success rates of live birth are different from pregnancy.

Don’t judge a clinic based on their pregnancy rate because there is a possibility that clinical pregnancies will not result in a live birth. So, make sure to ask for live birth rates when choosing one of the IVF clinics Sydney has.

Success rates decline with age.

  • Women under 30 have around 26% chances of a live birth after each fresh cycle.
  • Women over 40 have roughly 10% chances.

Current technology, however, is changing the numbers in assisted reproduction and more so with multiple rounds. The first report published by the Medical Journal of Australia on cumulative live birth rates for IVF showed that for women aged 40, live birth success has increased to roughly 40% by the seventh cycle. Success rates for younger women are even higher.

Sperm Injections

IVF clinics in Sydney take into account infertility of male partners. If they have a low sperm count, sperm injection may be necessary.

The process involves an individual sperm injected into an egg. This is one way to increase the risk of fertilisation, especially with severe male infertility. In this case, donor sperm may even be used. Some couples are on the fence of using a donor sperm, but it may be the best alternative available.

If a female partner has enough eggs, half of these can be used via standard insemination and the other half via sperm injection.

Lab standards matter.

Temperature and oxygen levels are just two of the things that embryos are highly sensitive of. Without tight monitoring, these conditions can affect the success rates of IVF. Therefore, it is important to look into the standards of laboratory quality to avoid catastrophic failures. Ask for the inspection reports of all the IVF clinics Sydney has that you visit.

Budget clinics could cost you more.

Many budget clinics use low-dose hormone stimulation protocols. How else can they offer a more affordable option?

Such protocol, however, is generally suited to younger patients or for women who can produce 7% to 10% eggs per patient. If none of these criteria apply to you, visit a more expensive IVF clinic. Or one that makes your investment worth it. Visit Sydney Women’s Clinic, Dr. Surya Krishnan for more details.

Choose one of the best Sydney IVF clinics.

Sydney Women’s Clinic under Dr Surya Krishnan is a great option for IVF treatments. They offer assisted reproductive technology (ART) to help infertile couples using special methods. It is an expensive and time-consuming method that has helped many couples to have children. It uses IVF, Gamete intrafallopian transfer (GIFT) for women that have at least one normal fallopian tube, and Zygote intrafallopian transfer (ZIFT) where embryos are fertilised in the lab instead of the uterus. Contact the clinic today to get all the information you need.

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