The Best Lip-Smacking Salmon Dishes Straight from Bangkok

The longer you experience and experiment with the Thai cuisine, the more you realize how much you are still to learn. You will fall in love with the delicacies of Bangkok again and again. Whether you are a foodie or not, you should definitely try some yummy salmon dishes Bangkok food hubs offer while dining out. People who live in Bangkok are extremely lucky. Even the people residing in Bangkok feels they know very little about the interesting facts of their local cuisine. The appeal of Bangkok cuisine is beyond your imagination.

salmon dishes bangkok

Nowadays, people are becoming health conscious with global awareness. They have started making healthy choices when it comes to preparing exotic dishes at home or while eating out. Over the past few years, Thai cuisines have become popular for its delicious taste, amazing aroma, authentic presentation, usage of farm fresh ingredients and quality. When you decide to have Thai dishes, you can actually taste something heavenly without opting for unhealthy choices. Bangkok is the heart of the Thailand and here you can get all the varieties of healthy Thai cuisine to treat your taste buds. Salmon dishes Bangkok market offers are of a great variety. It is surely the winner if you want to try some finger-licking-recipes without keeping your diet a check.

Offbeat Thai Salmon Recipes 

Salmon Satay with Peanut Sauce – Satay is a South-Asian style of grilled cooking of protein, coated in a spice mixture and served in a stick. You can use a pinch of turmeric to get a golden hue. Salmon satay is well-seasoned smoky skewers that taste great and the peanut sauce comes as an extra topping with it. You can even serve it with spring rolls, meat, noodles, rice or anything else. The main skill of this kind of cooking is how you marinade the protein.

Teriyaki Salmon with Zucchini – With just simple six ingredients, you can make a tangy Asian dinner. While you will get filling protein from salmon, zucchini will provide you with ample of vitamin C. You just need to have canola oil, zucchini, sesame seeds, scallions, salmon and low sodium teriyaki sauce to prepare a heart-smart salmon dish. You can serve it up with quinoa, pasta or even couscous.

Skillet Salmon with Parmesan Potatoes – Salmon is always one of the favorite items among healthy eaters. It provides metabolism boosting properties with plenty of omega 3 fatty acid contents. You will also get necessary fiber from greens and fat fighting carbohydrate from potatoes in the dish. You just need to have the salmon filet, potatoes, parmesan cheese, balsamic vinaigrette, tomatoes, mix salad greens, lemon juice, salt, and pepper, according to the taste.

If you want to try and taste some of the best salmon dishes Bangkok has, do not forget to visit Kisso restaurant that offers authentic Multi-cuisine dishes all over the world. Whether you like to have your salmon grilled, baked, smoked, fried or cooked, Kisso has it all. Relish the world of flavor with the appetizing salmon dishes at Kisso. For more information, log in to

What to Know Before Reselling High-Tea Food Items

Tea is well-loved by many people around the globe, especially Australians. It’s a vital part of their society. Besides, tea is back as one of the primary foodservice items in Australia today, as individuals’ choice for non-coffee products rose following the appeal surge of coffee drinks. Consequently, food service desserts products, such as outsourced pastries, are additionally in demand to resellers, coffeehouse, and also tea shops.

If you’re a novice reseller of food service desserts for High Tea, knowing the basics of buying food service desserts will add to your market and product knowledge.

An Ongoing Affinity for Tea

It’s worthy to recognize just how much the tea industry has actually come. Although the Aboriginal Australians did consume alcohol Leptospermum, a plant infusion which resembles tea, the history of mainstream tea before or in lieu of hefty dinner dishes traces back to the Brits’ arrival in the 1700s. After that, tea has been an important part of every Australian family’s dish and also society.

Differences between Afternoon Tea and High Tea

If you’re a novice in the tea store or pastry reselling organisation, you must be sufficiently experienced to know the difference between High Tea as well as Afternoon Tea. This will additionally assist you in distinguishing the right set of items that support High Tea, which consequently assists you to understand the ideal items to sell.

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea occurs in low, kicking back chairs and tables, while products such as finger sandwiches, cheese, cakes, as well as other sweet pastries are offered. It was the coming before variation prior to the upper course blended high tea dishes and identified it as “high tea” as a result of its functionality. High Tea recipes were less complicated to prepare and can be utilized as a substitute for dinner meals, and for this reason, both were merged.

High Tea

High Tea got its name since it was eaten by individuals in their high chairs during or prior to supper. Historically, High Tea originated from the functioning course lifestyle, where they considered it as a necessity instead of a high-end. Understanding that they frequently go home late between 6-8pm, High Tea developed as a replacement for the loftier Tea High Tea for the English family members includes bread, cheese, potatoes, biscuits, vegetables, tea, as well as in some cases items of meat.

Food solution goods for High Tea.

What would be the very best kinds of products to offer for High Tea markets?

The most beloved food solution high tea products usually contain individually-wrapped baked items. For example, if you recognize suppliers of Gluten free desserts, you could also ask for recipes of Gluten free eclairs and Gluten free profiteroles. Apart from that, you could likewise acquire scones, Pavlova, shortcakes, and Meringue.

Is there a vendor who’s offering hassle-free plans of baked items?

Whether you’re a reseller of stuffed treats or a restaurateur who intends to offer outsourced bread, baked products in bundles will certainly always be a clever and affordable option. If you’re near to or living on Sunshine Coast, you can speak to the likes of The Country Chef Bakery Co. They market individually-wrapped banana bread if you’re intending to target markets of busy consumers who desire their pastries and bread on-the-go.

Final thoughts

Bear in mind that the modern Afternoon Tea is mistaken for resembling High Tea in lots of nations as well as significant cities, even London. If you’re intending to market each different set of baked items for High Tea and Afternoon Tea, recognizing their differences will certainly assist you to satisfy your target audience easier and also quicker.