Project sponsors accused of fraud, money making scam

One of the companies that considered sponsoring the project has been accused of fraud and labeled as a scam.

Read the recent review written by a ticked off (former) customer:

Is He All About Fattening His Pockets Or Is He All About Fattening Your Pockets…

First off, let me give props where props are due.

Dude was living out of a van a few years ago… worked his ass off… and now he is a multi-millionaire who operates more than one multi-million dollar business.

Having said that… with all the hype (and you know how much we hate hype!) and Bad Ass talk spilling out of his mouth- “Don’t be a wussy and get all in”…

One, including myself, has to wonder-

Is there a David Wood Empower Network Scam?

It’s an honest question… and one you should definitely be asking.

I have come to know this man over the past few months, so I know where this dude’s morals and ethics are at.

But you don’t know him like I do. And that’s cool.

So, instead of me just dropping my opinion about the David Wood Empower Network Scam…

Let me show you a document “Hot Off The Presses”… where you can see for yourself if he is all talk or if he is a man who is ready to ride for his homies…

“There is an organized group going around flagging Empower Network reps’ YouTube videos (videos that aren’t even remotely breaking YouTube terms). I have no idea who you are, but I’m guessing you’re on my Facebook wall.

Be warned: BIG, SCARY WARNING: I’m in the process of having lawyers research into whether or not we can sue the shit out of you.

I don’t like lawsuits, but what you’re doing hurts the little guy, and is about the most unethical thing that you can possibly do.

There are part time moms and dads, families who put thousands of hours of effort into their videos – and what you’re doing is bull shit, and you know it, and you need to realize how much it hurts – not me, but the thousands of people who are just trying to make it happen.

There is nothing wrong with these videos you’re flagging, and you know it.

If I can, and I have the money, I’ll get a court to subpoena your contact information from YouTube, and will sue you for damages against ALL of the affiliates that you are targeting. I could give a crap about me – but you are messing with my family.

Back the f*** down. Pass the word on. It’s time that this stops.

After I sue you, and find out who you are, you will go into a hall of shame, for being the most unethical, garbage marketer ever. If you want to come out and make a public apology, now is your chance, and your last chance.

That being said – I love you guys in Empower Network.

I have your back.

To Empower Network: I’ve never asked ANY of you to do anything unethical to market. We’ve left names out of attacks, to let people save face. We allow you to market whatever you want. We let you say whatever you want.

You are awesome, and I love you. You guys are the most badass, ethical group of marketers online, and you deserve the best.

WE will continue to set the ethical standard.

We don’t need to flag other companies’ channels, because we have a dream. We love on people – and that’s ALL that we do – because in one moment, anyone can turn their life around.

Love you guys, and I do apologize for the warning in the midst of the most gangster growth ever – we need to unify to keep the standard high.”

I don’t know about you… but that’s the kind of leader I want having my back! He went straight gangsta’ on YouTube… and on behalf of all his peeps.

NEVER… in any network marketing venture… have I seen the owner stand up to a GIANT like YouTube who is disrespecting his partners… and tell them to shove their company up their ass and stop bullying people.

Haters need to put that Haterade down and show some respect… because regardless of your opinion of the man (and I admit he is a lil’ more hypey than I like)…

Their is NO David Wood Empower Network Scam.

No scam artist would lift a finger or go to bat, the way he did for all of us.

You HAVE to respect that!

Now can he rub you the wrong way with all his cussin’ and hype- Hell Yes! I told you before and I’ll say it again- I HATE HYPE.

But dude has a method to his madness… and it is actually fuc@#$ genius!

He wants to prove to EVERYONE… that no matter who you are, what skills you have, what you look like, how you act, what you say… No matter any of that…

By taking the same simple steps day in and day out… ANYONE CAN SUCCEED!

Remember, just a few years ago, he was homeless and living out of a van with his wife.

He knows what it’s like to be broke.
He knows what its like to fail.
He knows what its like to be scared to take action.

But he also knows what it takes to get your ass out of the delusional world of excuses… put in work and succeed.

And no matter what… there will always be people for their own sick reasons, whether it is to fatten their own pockets… or they were too lazy to put in the effort necessary for success…

Who will cry all day and all night… David Wood Empower Network Scam.

Good for them and let em’ spew that garbage as much as they want… but fu@# em’!

Yeah I said it… fu@# em’!

Because David Wood is providing an opportunity for the Average Joe or Jane to make Guru type money without being a Guru.

His products both work and they help people succeed… and this is a proven fact.

Check out the Empower Network Income Disclaimer Here… and see with your own two eyes!

And the Empower Network System is 100% Free to check out.

Do people fail?! Did Bill Clinton lie about getting blown by Monica Lewinsky?!

Yes and Yes… but if you really look at the disclaimer, it has a higher success percentage than 90% of other MLM Companies out there… and that’s a FACT.

And it’s because David Wood came from the bottom… made it to the top… and his products are a step by step blueprint of how anyone can do it just like he did.

So… if there is no David Wood Empower Network Scam… why do people fail?!

This is the Real Deal Question that should have been asked in the first place… and I’ll hook you up with two legit reasons.

The first is obvious… people are just plain lazy.

That’s right.

I can say that, because I used to be one of them.

Like most people in today’s world of instant gratification… I wanted everything handed to me and I was not willing to put in the effort (even if it was as little as 30 minutes everyday)…

So I signed up for this program here… and that system there… and I failed every time.

But then the pain of my situation became so intense that I was willing to do anything to achieve success for me and my family or I would die tryin’.

And that’s when I became willing to put in the daily consistent effort… and not focus on the results… but focus on the same simple actions everyday that even my daughter could do…

And this time I succeeded… and BIG TIME!

All because of this 100% Free System Here.

I promised you there was a second reason… so here it is…

I believe that lack of effort is the MAIN reason people fail… but there is also a lack of guidance.

Meaning… information is great.

It is the KEY that unlocks the door to success…

But unless you have a guide to show you which door to stick that key in, you can be failing for months on end…

And that is when most people will give up… because they put in so much effort and get nothing in return.

Now if they kept working day in and day out, would they find the door they are looking for…

I honestly think sooner or later they would… but it could take months… and it could take years…

That’s why I believe in 1-on-1 coaching- a leader who is willing to work with you personally, and tailor an action plan for you based on your schedule, strengths and weaknesses, that will lead you every day forward towards your goals.

Let’s be real… we all come from different life situations, and we all have different- goals, needs, financial resources, effort we are able to put in, strengths, weaknesses, personality traits, etc.

And if you hand everyone the same blueprint… some will succeed and some will fail… because for some, it’s just not their style.

Believe me when I say that everyone is capable… if I can succeed you better KNOW that you can to.

But not everyone can succeed with the same method!

That’s what most people DO NOT REALIZE.

Now no disrespect to David Wood, he knows this, but he won’t say it.

Because he knows that as long you have the information… and you put in the daily effort… whether it takes 12 months or 12 years… eventually you will succeed and even naturally sleep better because you’ll be stress free.

But MOST of us don’t have the time to put in all that effort and get no reward.

That’s why we mentor our team 1-on-1… It is the reason I succeeded, and the reason I continue to succeed.

And I’m not going to go into my FREE 1-on-1 coaching program I have for all of my partners…

You can check it out for yourself here.

But 1-on-1 coaching… whether from me or another leader… is the difference between success and failure.

Everyone… from Bill Gates… Warren Buffet… Bill Clinton… even Mother Theresa… received coaching and I am sure probably still does. It is that IMPORTANT!

So folks, I’m gonna have to wrap this up (that’s what she said)…

I hope I SPELLED out in FACTS… why there is NO David Wood Empower Network Scam.

But, if you still have questions or just want to leave a comment… drop it below and we will hit you back.

To keeping it gangsta’ like David Wood…

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