Isagenix donates to your favorite charity (while helping you keep the weight off)

100×100 appreciates the charitable, fellas.

That’s why we had to give a shout out to the kind people at Isagenix, who’re doing big things.

How are they doing this? Distributors that are losing weight are also donating money to their favorite charity. And Isagenix is matching those pounds with dollars of their own….

Isagenix is often considered a scam, but top Isagenix bloggers have refuted these claims by giving them solid reviews.

Why? Their weight-loss products actually work.

If you’re wondering how you’ll keep yourself from packing on the pounds this Holiday season, you’re not alone. Not to worry, though: the take a cue from celebrity fitness gurus, beauty pageant winners, and UFC athletes.

They and their colleagues across the country will be maintaining their sleek shapes with the help of Isagenix.

How Can Isagenix Help You During the Holidays?

The Isagenix diet plan is one way you can fight the battle of the bulge during year-end parties. It involves a cleanse system, a fat flush system and nutritional supplements to keep you going.

Check it:

On cleanse days, you have the option to work out. This is a topic of debate, but cleanse days are for accelerated fat loss…so by working out on those days you’re really accelerating your body’s fat burning processes.

However, most people do the more intensive workouts on their Shake Days, when they have more energy.

All over the country, Isagenix is sponsoring aggressive fat-burning workout sessions in select gyms. In one gym on lower Manhattan, where celebrity trainers bring their clients, the holiday fat buster is two hours long.

Thanks, Isagenix…

Seriously, Though, Stick With Isagenix For the Season

If you’re currently on an Isagenix program, it will get you through the holidays quite nicely. Even if you’re not, find one of the aggressive gym sessions sponsored by the company, and you’ll be burning fat right through New Year’s.

The beauty of the Isagenix sponsored fitness programs is that they last for 2 hours. Since it takes a significant amount of time (at least 15 minutes) to even begin tapping into the body’s fat stores, the two hours is necessary to really burn off lots of fat cells.

Of course you can’t maintain that level of activity without proper nutrition, which is also where Isagenix comes in. Their line of nutritional shakes, snacks, mini meals and supplements will keep your body strong.

Even if you decide to punish yourself this Holiday season by attending one of the Isagenix-sponsored aggressive workout sessions, you’ll have the strength and energy to endure if you’re on the Isagenix program. Similar to Wake Up Now’s affiliate programs, but less centric on the fitness and weight loss.

  • Have a question about the program? No problem, Isagenix has clinical nutritionists on hand to answer your questions.
  • Wondering about the science behind the Isagenix products and how they can sustain you through a 2-hour fat-burning post-Holiday workout? No problem, they supply you with all the data you need.
  • Wondering how Isagenix differs from other nutritional systems that help you lose weight? Easy: read about their antioxidants, protein and other features on their website, too.

Go Beyond the Isagenix Holiday 2-Hour Workout

To maximize results, check out what Isagenix offers in energy and performance products. They complement the weight loss product system and include nutrients, protein and energy boosters.

These will help those new muscles recover after that grueling two hours of fat-burning, plus they’ll help you reach that goal of a tighter, leaner body.

The holidays don’t mean you have to gain some bulge- gain some muscle instead.

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