Can Abs After 40 Boost My Testosterone Hormone Levels?

After men hit the age of 40, it becomes hard to lose weight, the stomach begins to shrink, generally, it becomes much difficult to get or maintain the sick pack and a muscular body in general. Well, according to Mark Mcilyar, this is not your fault. Designed by Mark Mcilyar, Abs after 40 fitness program designed to help men above the age of 40 develop a well defined abdominal muscle and lean core by boosting energy levels and testosterone the right way. It consists of a 3 phase system.

The Difficulty Men Face To Get Their Abs After 40

abs after 40 benefitsIn your twenties, you have all the energy with few responsibilities but with age, responsibilities increase while energy levels decrease. Stress in life and certain medical conditions are another hindrance to working out after 40 years. Finding a new job or starting a new career can contribute to stress levels and even decrease muscle muscle mass and testosterone. Failure to exercise together with poor nutrition and low levels of testosterone as one ages are the main factors that lead to fat accumulation in the body. This is where abs after 40 comes in handy. It consists of low impact exercises that protects aging joints and bones. The exercises are less strenuous and they can be done at home using simple weights to accommodate the older men.

Can This Program Work For Me?

Abs after 40 program works in three phases

· Phase 1: Fat loss Jumpstart
In this phase, men are introduced into the basics of the program. They begin to exercise and eating meals that will help boosts their testosterone levels. The main aim at this phase is to start losing the belly fat which leads to many heart complication such as heart problems in older men.

· Phase 2: Male Hormone Optimization
By the time you get to this phase you should have already seen progress in the weight loss. In this phase the compound exercises become more challenging to keep the body working into getting a muscular body. The body hormones also begin to get into balance in this phase and the level of energy in men using this program also begin to increase.

· Phase 3: Full Auto Fat Burning Mode
This phase reveals the six pack. It aims at building the muscles especially around the stomach region using an Ab training method called Ab40. After this the hormones are more balanced and easy to maintain with healthy diet and moderate exercise.

Three Main Components Of Abs After 40 Fitness Program

1. The first component is the 3 phase Abs after 40 system by Mark.
This is the main component as it consists of the exercises to be performed which are broken down into three phases as mentioned above.

2. The nutritional system
This portion explains the foods that boosts the production of testosterone as well as the foods that should be avoided. The recipes are easy to prepare with easily available ingredients.

3. An eBook on how to deal with common injuries and gym problems
This eBook addresses common health complication in men over 40 and how one can still continue with the fitness program even after an injury. The eBook also has discussions of supplements and vitamins that boosts the production of testosterone.

The Pros Of This Fitness Program

· With so many men over the age of 40 struggling with weight loss this fitness program is a savior as it enhances weigh loss in the old age in the right way.
· It is safe with no side effects and it boosts the natural production of testosterone as it
· It consists of nutrition advice
· The exercises included looks after muscle and joints helping to prevent injury.
· The retail price for this fitness program is $197 but the first 500 qualifying men will get it as a price of $97.
· The customers also get a 100 percent money back guarantee for 60 days.

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